Weathering by oil paints

by Tomasz Bajer


Hi! I would like to share with you way of painting, which is oil painting.
This technique give us amazing effects after 48 hours - when it get dry.
We can get effects like rust, mud, stains and others.
I try to present it technique step by step in the simplest way.

We often apply 3 colours - Burnt siena, Burnt umber, Yellow ochre .
Sometimes I applys white colour to get effect of dust.

We need odour-free white spirit to thin down paints.

On brim of dish put a little bit of this 3 paint.
Then we pour a lot of white spirit and mix the liquid. It must be very thin.
Now, we have orange mixture. Next, we put our mixture on already painted model.
Only touch tip of paintbrush and that's enough.
Then leave it for 48 hours. We'll have effect like this on the photo.
20% tint of 3 colours - 80% white spirit

Tłumaczenie : Mateusz Mathea